Working alongside EY, Black Quay was the technical lead examining all waterside and landside tasks for the next 100 years for the Port of Auckland.

This included identification of multi-port strategies, long-term trade and fleet projections across multiple trade types, strategic and operational analysis of container, cruise, general cargo and auto terminals, development and location time-frame analysis, investment requirements and long-term infrastructure needs studies.

The study is one the most high-profile and far reaching port planning studies in the world and included transition planning to automated container handling and ultimately defined the need to relocate the port at Auckland in the longer term and the optimal position for it to relocate to.




  • Long term strategic port planning
  • Detailed operational capacity and layout analysis
  • Container, general cargo, auto and cruise terminal reviews
  • Optimal location planning and development phasing
  • Detailed multi-type future fleet profiling
  • Capital and operational cost analysis
  • Trade analysis inputs
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Long-term fleet forecasting across multiple trade type fleets